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Blue Tangerine is your website design, development and digital marketing agency all rolled into one – from mobile responsive websites, SEO and PPC to email and social media, we provide full-service solutions to home builders, online retailers and businesses.

Powering Results 

Our comprehensive set of solutions are focused on powering RESULTS! Just like our name implies, we are unique – thinking outside the box to deliver custom solutions to set you apart while exceeding your business goals. By applying winning strategies and best practices across our target industries, we’ve been able to transform hundreds of businesses, helping them succeed online.

Our Story

Blue Tangerine first took roots in 1995 in Vero Beach, Florida – first as iAW, Inc, then later as eCalton. With President Greg Bray taking ownership in 2006, he along with his team were really thinking outside the box for a memorable name to describe the new business direction and culture he wanted to put in place. While taking a break from painting, he was eating a tangerine at lunch one day, a wedge landed in the blue paint, and poof – Blue Tangerine was born! Well, not exactly, but the real story is not as exciting! Urban Dictionary probably says it best with it's definition of Blue Tangerine as: "being different in a good way and indescribably beautiful."

Throughout the next several years, Blue Tangerine evolved to meet the growing needs of clients, recently expanding to add more digital marketing consulting services in 2016 when Erik Martinez of Triad Analytics merged his marketing consulting business with Blue Tangerine. With the addition of the strong marketing portfolio, Blue Tangerine is a comprehensive digital marketing agency. 

Greg Bray, President - Blue Tangerine Greg Bray, Co-owner


Erik Martinez, Executive Vice President - Blue Tangerine Erik Martinez, Co-Owner
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