Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Our Geofencing advertising program lets you target potential customers using mobile phone ads served based on specific locations that your audience visits. This Geotargeting service or location-based mobile advertising technique allows you to reach your audience wherever they may go, including a competitor’s location, your own store or at events they attend.

How does Geofencing work?

When we identify a person that enters a Geofenced location, they are eligible to be targeted with ads served in various apps and on websites within the advertising network. The visitors can be targeted for up to 30 days after visiting the location, extending your advertising reach!

Examples of Geofencing campaigns:

  • A home builder wants to draw potential home buyers that are visiting their competitor’s communities or real estate offices.
  • A retailer wants to run a customer loyalty program, so they build geofencing around their own stores to drive repeat customers and buyers.
  • A trade show exhibitor wants to advertise at an event to reach people while they are on-site and up to 30 days later.


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