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July 16, 2021

Women Construction Worker

Have you heard of, "The House That SHE Built?" It's a house entirely built by the Utah Professional Women in Building and Utah’s Home Builders Association. One of their goals is to educate women on the possibilities that lie within the construction industry, with the hopes of showing how rewarding construction and home building can be for women.

For Primary General Contractor Kristi Allen, a third-generation Utah home builder, she witnessed just how powerful it can be for young women to see a woman on-site in construction or home building. Once she started her own company four years ago, Allen’s daughter started coming with her to the construction site often. Eventually, her daughter asked if she would teach her how to build homes when she is older, driving her passion for women in Home Building and the Construction Industry.

The House that She Built

Want to learn more about The House that SHE Built? 

Make sure to check out the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast episode featuring Kristi Allen herself!


Utah Valley Home Builder's Association
Utah Professional Women in Building

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