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December 27, 2018

Marketing Tips for Happy New Year | Blue Tangerine

As the sun sets on 2018 and we prepare to start a new year, we often take a few minutes to reflect on what has gone well and consider where we could use improvement.  These moments of reflection both in our personal lives and in our businesses are powerful opportunities to make positive changes.

Of course, if you are like me, then one recurring area that always seems to crop up during these reflective moments is related to healthier eating habits and trying to shed a few (a lot?) of those unwanted pounds.

Here are a few ways to tackle this for your business in 2019...


Trim the Fat on your Marketing Campaigns

As we begin 2019, Blue Tangerine invites you to also trim the "fat" on your digital marketing.  The last few years have been very good to many businesses, but with turmoil in the stock market, as well as rising costs and interest rates, there are some storm clouds on the horizon.  The best time to prepare for the next market downturn is while things are still performing well.  

When times are good, even mediocre marketing efforts can have a decent return, but all campaigns are not created equal.  This year, start holding your marketing campaigns more accountable.  Ensure that you have clearly defined campaign goals and objectives, that you are tracking performance with the correct analytics, and that you actually review those reports regularly.  Trim back the underperforming campaigns and reallocate those funds to run tests in new areas that you may not have tried yet.  


Geofencing Marketing

Looking for some new tactics?  Consider investing in A/B testing on your website's primary conversion path, take a look at Geofencing Marketing, energize your social media marketing efforts by leveraging Look-a-like Audiences on Facebook. Of course, it also may be time for that full website redesign that you’ve been putting off for the last couple of years.


start 2019 with a FREE digital marketing audit

Not sure what to try or where to go next?  Let Blue Tangerine do a free Digital Marketing audit and review your existing marketing efforts.  We'll provide you with ideas and suggestions for how to make your digital marketing and your website more effective, and work together with you to create your 2019 execution plan.

Making sure that your marketing investments are generating the best return possible will not only prepare you for a future dip in the market, but also skyrocket you to new heights of lead generation and sales right now.


Contact us today and together let's make 2019 amazing!

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